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  • Auto Body Repair Portland

    Auto Body Repair Shop Portland OR

    Auto Body Repair

    Auto Body Repair is not only in our name here at Comfort Auto & Body Repair, but it is something we continuously aim to impress our clients with. Our goal is to get your vehicle back to, if not better than, the condition it was in prior to the accident or collision. Upon you walking in the door, one of our employees will greet you and take the time to go over what has happened. After having the techs asses the damage that has been done to your vehicle from the accident, we are going to provide you with a free estimate. No need to worry, here at Comfort Auto we have techs that are highly trained and specialize in each area. Things that occur during repair of your vehicle include, welding, panel beating, etc. More Auto Body Repair >>

    Auto Repair

    We also want to make sure that all dents and holes are removed so that a smooth surface remains for the painting techs. Color matching is another step that is very important. We need to make sure that the color being applied matches all aspects of the vehicle’s original color. Usually a technician will apply the color several times to make sure that it is resistant to corrosion, we want the color to last as long as possible. Each step of the process will be inspected before moving on to the next; this is to ensure that your vehicle comes out pre-accident condition. We also keep the quality and safety of your vehicle in mind at all times. When all damage has been repaired, we will have you come pick up your vehicle in which we will then go through a final inspection. This will allow you to see everything that has been done, and we will be able to answer any questions you may have before leaving. More Auto Repair >>

    Your ‘Manufacturer recommended services’ or, ‘factory scheduled maintenance’, is the pre-determined schedule of services that is recommended in order to keep your vehicle running efficiently and safely.

    By following the manufacturer service recommendations, this can help extend the life of your car and prevent higher cost repairs.

    It’s very important to understand that your vehicles recommended maintenance schedule was designed for drivers who are driving their vehicles under ‘normal’ driving conditions. For example, if you are driving in congested areas with frequent stop-wait and goes repeatedly, or doing a lot of off-road driving, you should take that into consideration and increase your maintenance schedule. These abnormal driving conditions can cause components to wear much faster than they regularly would. By increasing your schedule you can keep your car in peak condition, and keep you on the road. Let our service team provide you with all your needs for auto repair in Portland, OR.

    Car Auto Body Repair Portland, OR

    Portland Auto Services

    • Major auto body reconstruction due to a car accident.
    • Painting - if you were in an accident, had your car scratched, or simply want a new paint job.
    • Testing - servicing, and inspecting different components of your car.

    What happens if you break down and are in need of auto repair in Portland and don’t know who to call? Fear not, you can count on us. We offer free towing and free estimates so you don’t have to question what a repair is going to cost. We want to help take the stress of emergency auto repairs off your shoulders so you can get back on with your day faster.

    About Us & Auto Repair in Portland

    Comfort Automotive and Body Repair

    Comfort Auto & Body Repair

    Comfort Auto & Body Repair is located in the beautiful city of Portland, with easy access to our shop right off of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. We are a full-service automotive repair shop that has over 20 years of experience in our industry. The shop is also up to date with the latest diagnostic equipment. This allows us to go in and fix exactly what is wrong with your vehicle. We specialize in everything from preventative maintenance; we want to help prevent those expensive repair bills, to body repair and paint. It is our mission to help you after an accident.

    We assist you with any and everything relating to auto body repair. This includes obtaining you a rental car, dealing with the insurance companies, gathering repair estimates, and also scheduling these repairs. Our techs are highly trained and specialize in each area that they work in. While performing repairs we are sure to use quality materials and parts. Here at Comfort Auto we also offer emergency repair. We know this can be a stressful time, so we want to do our very best to keep you at ease. After towing your vehicle back to our shop, free of charge, we will offer you free estimates before we begin performing any work.

    We will perform all repairs as soon as possible, with high-grade replacements. All of this will be performed and completed for a reasonable price. This will allow you to have your vehicle back in no time! Another thing that we keep in mind is your manufacturer’s warranty. When doing repairs on your vehicle, we make sure that it is serviced correctly so that this warranty will be preserved. No matter what type of service we are performing here at Comfort Auto, we are going to repair your vehicle like it is one of our own.

    About Us

    About Comfort Auto and Body Repair's Auto Repair in Portland

    Comfort Auto And Body Repair offers a full-service automotive repair. We can arrange and handle Towing – Repair Estimates – Insurance Claims And a Rental Car for you. Then we take care of your vehicle from the beginning to end of the repair process. This saves you time money and… stress! +read more


    Whether your car was scratched and needs a paint touch up, or if you were involved in an accident and are looking for complete auto body repair services, Comfort Auto & Body Repair will get you taken care of and get you back on the road. Come on down and let us show you why Comfort Auto is the your number one choice for all your Auto repair in Portland or call 503.287.3022.

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