Auto Detail Portland

Auto Detail

Auto Detail Portland

You want a vehicle that turns heads. As cars undergo wear they can lose the luster they once had. What may have been exciting to drive and show off feels…average. With a professional auto detail in Portland from Comfort Auto and Body Repair you can get your car off the road to mediocrity and on the road to excellence.

With our auto detailing you don’t just get a gorgeous car, you get a longer lasting car. Portland auto detail work isn’t just for show, it can actually extend the life of certain components on your vehicle. That’s more time on the road, and less time in the shop.

Professional Exterior Auto Detailing

We believe that every customer deserves to drive away in a great looking vehicle. That’s why we do a basic exterior auto detail on every car that comes into our shop. Using high quality cleaning products our skilled auto detailer will have the exterior of your car looking incredible. There are a number of great benefits to an auto detail in Portland with Comfort Auto that include:

Auto Detail Portland OR

  • Cleanliness – When you have a build up of dirt and grime on your car it can wear away at your paint job. Certain substances like bird droppings can also be acidic. When they aren’t professionally cleaned, these substances can eat through layers of paint. Our auto detail in Portland includes a meticulous exterior cleaning of your vehicle so that you get a show room finish you can be proud of. There’s nothing nicer than driving away in a freshly detailed car that’s received exceptional repairs.
  • Protection – Even though your car comes with a clear coat, it isn’t enough to protect your vehicle forever. Oxidation and contaminates can easily ruin a clear coat, and quickly go to work on your actual paint. The best way to avoid this unnecessary damage is with an auto detail in Portland. We’ll wax your vehicle, providing an added layer of protection that keeps harmful substances from penetrating your clear coat. It’s advisable to get an auto detail that includes a fresh coat of wax twice a year to ensure your vehicle stays optimally protected.
  • Convenience – Most people don’t enjoy washing their car. Keeping up with general maintenance can be a chore, and the busier you are the further down your priority list it becomes. We believe when your vehicle is ready at our shop, it should be ready for anything. You won’t need to take the time to go home and clean it, or take it to a car wash that may scratch the paint or even fail to get it cleaned entirely. With an auto detail in Portland you get professional auto cleaning, by hand, from a skilled technician.

Get all your services performed in one place. From professional auto painting to the very best in collision repair and general auto repair, we do it all. With the convenience of auto and body repair right in one place and excellent reviews, call (503) 287-3022 or contact Comfort Auto and Body Repair for an auto detail today.