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Auto Repair

When it’s time for auto repair, Jantzen Beach relies on the accurate diagnosis, affordable pricing, and quality work at Comfort Auto and Body Repair. With more than 20 years providing auto repair, our specialists and mechanics perform their work to the highest specifications. We follow a strict protocol that allows us to perform targeted repairs for faster service at a reduced cost.

Get professional auto repair performed the right way

One of our technicians performing transmission service in Portland, OR.

    • DiagnosisAuto repair Jantzen Beach vehicle owners trust begins with a thorough diagnosis. We’ll speak with you concerning your reason for coming in and any changes you’ve noticed if damage isn’t visible. Our mechanics use a variety of tools and methods to confirm a problem before moving ahead. We make sure we know exactly what’s wrong, so you don’t waste valuable time or money.
    • Consultation – We’ll always consult with you before beginning repairs. This allows our technicians to cover their findings. We’ll go over the problem, the repairs, pricing, and let you know of any other recommendations we have.
    • Auto Repair – Our mechanics perform all auto repairs using the best parts, methods, and tools. All replacement parts meet or exceed OEM specifications, and we have the experience required to correctly repair any problem. That includes collision damage and electrical problems on top of engine, brake, and transmission problems.


Factory Auto Repair in Jantzen Beach

Every vehicle has a factory recommended maintenance schedule. This is most often found in your vehicle guide. Following this schedule is a great way to keep your vehicle in peak condition and prevent or catch problems before they become damaging. If you drive more than “normal,” like frequent long journeys or excessive time in stop and go traffic it’s recommended to advance this schedule.

Comprehensive Auto Repair Services

Just some of the auto repair services we offer include:

Auto Body Repair that works with you!

Accidents can happen at any time, and they’re stressful enough without having to deal with your insurance provider. We’ll take that burden off your shoulders. Our auto body repair shop in Jantzen Beach provides deductible assistance and works on new vehicles under warranty. We contact your insurance provider, and may cover your entire deductible, saving you from paying anything out of pocket. We also may be able to put cash in your pocket just for getting necessary repairs.

If you’ve purchased a new car it likely features a bumper to bumper warranty. These vary, and sometimes cover you as high as 100,000 miles. This covers the majority of major auto problems, and we can help you identify if you are still covered. With the highest quality work, our technicians perform auto repair Jantzen Beach vehicle owners use when they want the job performed right.

When you need fast, affordable, and honest auto repair in Jantzen Beach, call (503) 287-3022 or Contact Us today.

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