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When they need an auto repair shop, Portland residents depend on the quality work, affordable pricing, and accurate diagnosis provided by Comfort Auto and Body Repair. With over 20 years providing auto repair, our mechanics and technicians perform the highest quality work. Our dedication to the customer and streamlined operations allow us to provide efficient, targeted repairs while reducing cost.

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Auto Repair Shop Portland

  • Diagnosis – An auto repair shop Portland vehicle owners trust starts with the diagnosis. We identify your reasons for coming in, what changes in performance you’ve experienced, and when they started. Knowledgeable mechanics use cutting edge diagnostic equipment to quickly pin point problems. We don’t start repair work until a problem is confirmed and we’ve consulted with you.
  • Consultation – We always consult with customers before starting any work. This allows us go over our findings, recommendations, and associated costs. If you have any questions we’re happy to answer them in full. At Comfort Auto we believe an informed customer is a confident customer.
  • Auto Repair – Our auto repair shop only uses the highest grade parts, tested methods, and quality tools. All replacement parts are guaranteed to meet or exceed manufacturer tolerance specifications. With the experience to repair any problem, we’re your one-stop Portland auto repair shop. That includes electrical problems and collision damage on top of brake, engine, and transmission problems.

Your Factory Auto Repair Shop in Portland

Every manufacturer recommends a different maintenance schedule for their vehicles. You can locate this in your vehicle guide. Following these recommendations are the best way to keep your vehicle in excellent condition and prevent small problems from damaging┬álarger components. If you drive more than “average,” like taking frequent long trips or spend a lot of time in stop and go traffic, it’s advisable to advance this schedule.

Portland’s Comprehensive Auto Repair Shop

Just some of the services we offer include:

An auto repair shop that works with you!

Accidents can happen without any warning. They cause enough stress without having to deal with your insurance company. We remove that burden. Our auto body repair shop in Portland provides deductible assistance and repairs on vehicles under a manufacture warranty. We’ll contact your insurance company directly, and may even cover your deductible! That can eliminate your out of pocket costs or even put cash in your pocket for the repairs you already need.

Most new cars come with a bumper to bumper warranty. These vary, but some cover you all the way to 100,000 miles. This coverage extends to most major problems, and we’ll help you determine if you are still under warranty. With the highest quality work, our mechanics have helped us become the go to auto repair shop Portland drivers turn to for warrantied repairs done right.

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When you need an honest, affordable, and efficient auto repair shop in Portland, call (503) 287-3022 or contact us today.
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