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Body Shop Jantzen Beach
When they need a body shop, Jantzen Beach residents know the dependable service and craftsmanship come from Comfort Auto & Body Repair. With over 20 years in business, we’ve become a staple when auto problems arise. Whether it’s under the hood, purely cosmetic, or hidden below, for a full service body shop, Jantzen Beach knows we do it all. A trustworthy body shop begins with trustworthy service, and that comes from our skilled technicians.

Get the right technician for the job!

Quality comes from expert service. That’s why our Jantzen Beach body shop is staffed by experts in their field.

  • Vehicle Specialists – Our certified mechanics can quickly and accurately diagnose any problem. All repairs are performed using the highest quality replacement parts. We’re always happy to answer questions, and will inform you of any additional areas that need attention.
  • Auto Body Specialists – Body repair specialists know how to restore your vehicle to a pre-damaged state without sacrificing strength. You need to trust your vehicle can stand up to another impact. Our repairs ensure your vehicle meets safety requirements and protects you correctly.
  • Auto Painting Specialists – Repairs aren’t complete without matching paint. Our painters work extensively with color matching and blending. We can mask repair work so that your car looks as good as new.

Your Complete Body Shop

Body Shop Jantzen Beach OR
With our body shop, Jantzen Beach vehicle owners don’t have to take their vehicles to multiple shops. Why add additional gas expenses, lost time, and multiple bills when you can have all your work done in one place? We don’t just use experts at every step, we provide the services you need most. In addition to engine, transmission, and brake repairs, we provide emergency services that keep you running.

Get vehicle repair right when you need it!

Accidents can happen at anytime. That’s why we provide free towing for auto body repairs. If your vehicle has been damaged, we’ll bring it to our shop free of charge so you can receive the highest quality repair work Jantzen Beach has to offer. Don’t pay additional towing fees, and don’t risk your vehicle to a shop that won’t be able to provide all the work required.

We work with your insurance provider.

For insured vehicle owners, the whole process can be incredibly stressful. It can be difficult to identify your deductible and correctly relay information to your mechanic. We remove the difficulty. Our body shop will work directly with your insurance provider. In many instances we will cover your deductible or even provide you with cash back just for receiving necessary repairs!

The body shop Jantzen Beach trusts

When it comes to their body shop, Jantzen Beach doesn’t support a business they don’t believe in. Our company always works hard to provide our customers with the best service. That means providing long lasting repair work and identifying areas best served by maintenance. Prevention is often the cheapest option, allowing major parts to last their longest. We provide full service warranty recommended inspections that keep your warranty intact. For higher mileage vehicles, our body shop can help keep you running well into the future.

For experts in every field from the body shop Jantzen Beach depends on, call (503) 287-3022 or Contact Us today.