Brake Repair in Portland, OR

Brake Repair

The Pacific Northwest is a wet climate. On top of an extended rainy season, winds from the gorge can push your vehicle around. Add wet leaves, flooded roadways, and curvy roads to the equation, and it is easy to see why brakes are so important. As your first line of defense against poor conditions, you can’t afford to have brake problems. The cost of good brake repair in Portland is nothing compared to the cost of fixing a damaged vehicle when you can’t stop soon enough. When it comes to your safety and your passengers, always keep your brakes in peak condition.

If you are concerned about your brakes then get them checked right away. At Comfort Auto and Body Repair, our service technicians are skilled in identifying and repairing any brake problems you may have. We have spent over 20 years keepingĀ Portland residents safe, and we’d love to do the same for you. If you encounter any of the following signs, bring your car into Comfort Auto for brake repair in Portland.

When to Get Brake Repair

Brake Repair Portland by Comfort Auto and Body Repair

  • Your car is hard to stop and brakes seems poor
  • When you brake you hear grinding or squeaking
  • When braking the car pulls hard to one side
  • The brake pedal doesn’t respond when you press it
  • You feel a pulsing when you push the brake
  • You hear a clicking noise when you brake
  • Your car drags when you push the gas
  • Your anti-lock brake light is on

The Comfort Auto Brake Repair Difference

All of these can indicate some major problems with your vehicles braking system. Thankfully it’s never too late to come into Comfort Auto for incredible service. Our brake repair in Portland services are comprehensive. We know that nobody knows your car better than you do. That’s why we listen first. We want to address whatever concerns or problems you may have while inspecting your car thoroughly in order to spot any problems that may have escaped you.

Brake Repair Portland OR

We always include you in our work, so before beginning your brake repair we’ll go over our findings with you. This includes our investigation of your concerns, any additional repair issues we found, and an estimate on the work. After you’ve decided what you’d like us to move forward with, our skilled technicians will perform your brake repairs in addition to any others you may have chosen. We are always thorough, but our experience and specialized skill sets let us pair the right person with the right job. This means you get speed and top quality work, putting you back on the road even sooner.

When you need incredible brake repair in Portland from one of the best shops in the business, turn to Comfort Auto. We spend every day making the streets of Portland safer by providing you with the best auto repair, auto body repair, and vehicle maintenance. Give us a call today at (503) 287 3022, and enjoy the Comfort Auto difference.