Check Engine Light Portland

Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light Portland

When you’ve got a check engine light in Portland, don’t wait to come to Comfort Auto and Body Repair. A check engine light in Portland can be worrisome. You may have noticed some performance issues or strange noises prior to the check engine light coming on. Other times everything may seem absolutely fine, and it comes on from out of nowhere.

Cars have been using computerized engine management systems since the early 80’s. When your car’s computer system detects something is wrong, it will store a code in your engine control unit that relates to the malfunction. Your check engine light is an indicator that lets you know to get your codes read by a professional as soon as possible. No matter the make or model of your vehicle, at Comfort Auto we can identify the codes your check engine light in Portland, OR is putting out.

Complete Check Engine Light Diagnostics

At Comfort Auto we believe in comprehensive service. Sometimes in early car models, check engine lights can indicate false positives. That means that what appears to be a problem could actually be nothing at all. They can also go off due to oxygenated gasoline. Certain models were even designed to trigger their check engine light after a specific mileage milestone. More often than not, the check engine light is an indicator that something more serious has occurred.

Check Engine Light Portland Oregon

Our check engine light diagnostic generally takes 30 minutes. As useful as a check engine light can be, nothing compares to the trained eye of out expert level automotive technicians. This gives us time to properly inspect the status of an indicated problem. Engine control units can store multiple codes at a time. When this occurs our technicians look into each potential malfunction. That way we can present you with a complete workup of your vehicles current and potential problems. Our technicians will go over this with you in detail and are always happy to answer any questions. We can advise you on what can be done later, what needs to be done now, and what problems you may encounter in the near future.

Check Engine Light Repair

We don’t just diagnose check engine lights. At Comfort Auto we can perform full vehicle repairs. After your technician is done discussing the results, we can get to work. If your vehicle is still under manufacture warranty, we maintain strict servicing procedures that always keep your warranty intact. All of our repair estimates are free. You’ll never have to agree to something before you know its cost. We even do emergency repairs when you end up stranded with nothing but a check engine light for company. These include free towing.

With the latest equipment and over 20 years diagnosing check engine lights in Portland, you won’t find a more dedicated, professional, and capable automotive repair shop. Call (503) 287-3022 or Contact Comfort today!