Engine Rebuild Portland

Engine Rebuild

Engine Rebuild Portland
There are certain situations where an engine rebuild Portland vehicle owners need makes sense. We always consider the price of a new or used engine. This may be more cost effective. If your vehicle is newer, or the engine is newer, and it’s producing symptoms that indicate a rebuild is necessary it may be the best choice. Our mechanics and technicians can help you make a sound decision. At Comfort Auto and Body Repair you can be comfortable knowing we’ll do what’s right for you and your vehicle.

When should you get an engine rebuild?

There are two reasons that a rebuild may be necessary.

  1. Your engine bearings are worn: Bearings allow your engine parts to move freely. They’re lubricated and when this lubrication dries up it can wear them faster than normal. This typically occurs when oil changes aren’t regularly performed or the vehicle is driven with low oil levels. You may have heard the term “engine knock” before. This refers to the noise made by engines with bad bearings. If left alone these will eventually destroy an engine.
  2. Your piston rings aren’t seated properly: Poor piston seating causes blow-by. This is when oil gets past the piston rings and is burned with the gasoline. If your car is burning oil it will expel white or grey smoke from the tailpipe. It can also affect power and acceleration. Because oil is escaping the engine you may also see an increase in oil usage.

Engine Rebuild Diagnostics

Engine Rebuild Portland OR
Before we speak to you about a rebuild we want to make sure it’s even necessary. Our skilled technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment to determine what your engine problem is. We work with foreign and domestic vehicles, gasoline and diesel engines. Making sure your engine problem requires a rebuild is always the first step. If this is the case we’ll help you weigh the costs and benefits of a rebuild.

Is an engine rebuild right for you?

The easiest way to determine if an engine rebuild is the right move is to perform a cost analysis. There are multiple options besides an engine rebuild Portland drivers may choose. Options include the following.

  • Rebuilding the engine: A rebuild allows us to remove the lower engine “short block” and send it out. A machine shop will disassemble and clean the block. Piston rings and bearings will typically be replaced. Pistons may be replaced as well. Engine cylinders are internally reconditioned. The cylinder head my be reconditioned. Gaskets will be replaced and the engine reassembled and re-installed.
  • Replacing with a new engine: New engines can be expensive. If you love your vehicle and plan on driving it for another 200,000 miles this is a great way to give it a second life. You’re guaranteed a pristine engine without any problems. These typically come with a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Replacing with a used engine: Used or re-manufactured engines are a cheaper alternative to buying new. Low mileage engines can often be found at a steep discount. These may provide similar performance to a new engine and are often a cheaper alternative to a complete engine rebuild.

If your vehicle is nearly new an engine rebuild is often the most cost-effective choice. We’ll help you crunch the numbers to determine how much to invest in your vehicle.

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If you’ve seen symptoms that indicate it’s time for an engine rebuild, bring your vehicle to us first. We never perform a more expensive procedure when a less costly alternative does a better job. Get honest service from an honest garage. Call (503) 287-3022 or contact us today.

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