Transmission Repair Portland

Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair Portland

When something goes wrong with your transmission, it can bring your life to a halt. The reliable, comprehensive transmission repair Portland at Comfort Auto and Body Repair can get you moving again. With fast, friendly service, nobody does transmission repair like we do.

When you need emergency transmission repair in Portland, we offer free towing. That way your vehicle gets into our transmission repair shop no matter where you are. We have the latest in diagnostic equipment, and a staff of skilled, experienced transmission specialists prepared to fix anything that may be wrong with your transportation.

We work on any vehicle type, make, or model including repairing:

  • Leaking Transmissions
  • Slipping Gears
  • Won’t go into Gear
  • Shaking and Grinding
  • Whines, Hums & Clunks

Comprehensive Transmission Repairs

Auto Transmission Repair

Automatic transmissions work significantly harder than manuals do, especially in older vehicles. This makes transmission service for your automatic especially important. If you’re experiencing any number of transmission problems don’t delay. We’ll perform a complete diagnosis in order to determine the exact cause of the problem, present you with a free estimate, and get to work performing repairs immediately.

Manual Transmission Repair

Though manual transmissions tend to last longer, when they start to go out it can prove to be significantly more dangerous. Manuals are prone to popping out of gear when the links are worn or broken. This can be a major hazard at high speeds. When you need manual transmission repair done right, trust the experts at Comfort Auto. We’ll always consult you before moving forward, and our technicians will present every available option available to you.

Transmission Repair Portland OR

Transmission Services

  • Transmission Flush – In addition to extensive transmission repair work we also perform the regularly schedule duties that keep your working transmission alive and well. It’s recommended to receive a transmission fluid change every 30,000 miles. An easy way to check your fluid quality is to by dabbing a small amount onto a white paper towel. It should be pinkish in color for an automatic, and free of small particles. All our flushes are performed with top of the line products specially formulated to provide your transmission with a long life.
  • Transmission Rebuild – If Portland driving conditions have rendered your transmission beyond repair, we can perform a rebuild. This allows our technicians to carefully go through every part of your transmission, replacing worn or broken parts and gaskets with factory specified replacements. Our transmission rebuilds operate as well as or better than a new one, so this can be a fantastic option that saves you money.
  • Transmission Installations – Whether it’s new or re-manufactured, we’ve got the option that’s right for you if repairs or rebuilds will be too costly and extensive to justify the cost. Our technicians always want to provide you with the safest, best solution for your transmission needs, and sometimes a new transmission is the best option.

When you need exceptional transmission repair Portland that gets you back on the road, call (503) 287-3022 or contact Comfort Auto today. Oregon DMV Link