Transmissions Jantzen Beach


Transmissions Jantzen Beach
When you’re suffering from transmission problems it can leave you stranded. With transmissions, Jantzen Beach drivers have a number of options. Determining the best way to move forward begins with a great garage. With friendly, fast service, nobody handles transmissions like Comfort Auto and Body Repair.

When you are in need of servicing for a transmission, we provide free towing to our garage. That way it doesn’t matter where you are, you can get to help. Our shop is outfitted with cutting edge diagnostic equipment manned by experienced transmission specialists. We’re ready to fix anything that may be wrong.

We work on any vehicle make, model or type including repairs of:

  • Leaking Transmissions
  • Whines, Hums & Clunks
  • Won’t go into Gear
  • Slipping Gears
  • Shaking and Grinding

Comprehensive Repairs for all Transmissions

Repairs for Automatic Transmissions

Automatic transmissions work especially hard compared to manuals. This makes servicing especially important if you want to get the most from your transmission. If you’re experiencing any problems don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle in. We’ll perform thorough diagnostics and problem identification, give you a free estimate, and can begin repairs immediately.

Repairs for Manual Transmissions

With manual transmissions, Jantzen Beach drivers can expect a greater lifespan if they treat them well. When problems occur it can be much more dangerous though. When links are broken or worn, manuals may pop out of gear. This can be very dangerous at high speeds. Come to us for manual transmission repair. We’ll provide you with all available options and consult you before beginning work.
Transmissions Jantzen Beach OR

Transmission Services

  • Transmission Flush – In addition to repair work of Jantzen Beach transmissions, we also provide scheduled maintenance procedures. Your manual will specify when a flush is necessary, but recommendations typically cite every 30,000 miles. Checking your fluid is easy. Just dab a small amount on a white paper towel. Automatic fluid should be pinkish and free of particulates. We perform flushes using specially formulated products to extend the life of your transmission.
  • Transmission Rebuild – If Jantzen Beach driving conditions have made your transmission un-repairable, we may be able to rebuild it. Our technicians will go through every area of your transmission. This involves replacing broken and worn parts, gaskets, and much more. We’ll identify the cost of a transmission replacement, and make sure we recommend the most cost-effective option for you.
  • Transmission Installation – Whether it’s re-manufactured or brand new, we’ve got the option that’s right for you. Our technicians always want you to receive the safest options while saving you money. We can get new transmissions from a variety of manufacturers, designed to work perfectly for your vehicle.

When you need a wide range of services for transmissions on cars and trucks, call (503) 287-3022 or contact us today.

Other Services Include: