How to Keep Your Vehicle's Exterior in Great Shape

How to Keep Your Vehicle's Exterior in Great Shape

How to Keep Your Vehicle's Exterior in Great ShapeBy taking some simple precautions, you can help to ensure that your vehicle's exterior stays in nice condition. But if your vehicle does get scratched up, you'll want to bring it to a reputable body shop so it can be repaired before rust has the chance to take hold. Here's a look at six ways to protect your vehicle's exterior.

Don't Park Right Next to Other Vehicles

It's certainly tempting to grab that parking spot right near the store's entrance. But doing so will likely put your vehicle in very close proximity to others. If another driver carelessly opens their door, it could swing right into your paneling and cause scratching or denting. To prevent this risk, it's better to park toward the back of the lot where it's more likely you won't be sandwiched between cars.

Park in a Covered or Shaded Area

Especially during the summer months, UV rays can cause auto paint to fade. By parking in a garage whenever possible, this issue can be minimized, while also protecting your vehicle from extreme weather like hail.

Use Correct Washing Materials

If you grab just any random rag to wash your car, there's a risk that it's actually made from abrasive material that could scratch your paint. It's better to use synthetic microfiber towels that are designed for just this sort of task. It's also best to use automotive-specific soap instead of regular household soap.

Don't Go through the Automatic Car Wash

Automatic car wash brushes have a tendency to harbor dirt and other potentially abrasive debris. If that debris isn't fully rinsed out of the brushes before you go through the wash, then your vehicle could get scratched.

Wax with Caution

Before you start waxing, it's important to remove all debris from your vehicle's surface. Otherwise, that debris could get dragged along and cause scratching.

On-the-Go Cleaning Kit

A spot-cleaning kit can come in quite handy. If a sudden mess arises from bird droppings or tree sap, you'll be able to clean it right up.

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Posted: December 12, 2020

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