Recognizing an Alternator Problem

Recognizing an Alternator Problem

Recognizing an Alternator ProblemThe alternator charges up your battery. If it fails, your battery's power reserve could become depleted to the extent that you end up stranded. At the first indication of an alternator problem, you'll want to be proactive about taking care of it. Here's a look at seven common signs of alternator trouble.

Dead Battery

You should be able to expect your car battery to last for around three years. If yours dies at a significantly earlier age, then an alternator problem could be to blame---unless of course you left your headlights on!

Dashboard Warning Light

In many cases, the first sign of an alternator issue is a dash light illuminating that reads GEN or ALT. In some vehicles, this light comes on in the shape of a battery.

Belt Problem

You may have identified the source of your alternator trouble if you see that a belt is too loose, too tight, or is cracking.

Problems with Electrical Accessories

Alternator trouble can cause the malfunction of electrical accessories including your power seats, power locks, power windows, and radio.

Dimming/Flickering Headlights

Your alternator juices up your headlights. If it's faulty, then your headlights might start to function erratically. This poses a significant safety hazard, especially if you have to drive at night on roads that aren't lit up by street lamps.

Burning Odor

An assortment of automotive problems can lead to a burning smell, with one possible culprit being alternator belt slippage.

Stalling Out

To keep your pistons pumping dependably, you need your alternator to remain in healthy condition. A failing alternator can cause your vehicle to stall out, in which case you may need assistance to get safely away from traffic.

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Posted: October 15, 2020

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