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Oil Changes

Oil ChangeOne of the best ways to protect your vehicle is with the oil and maintenance your vehicle relies on. Getting a recommended oil change from Comfort Auto and Body Repair is one of the easiest ways to keep your vehicle in peak condition. There are some major differences between an auto body shop oil change and one from a shop that specializes in cheap oil changes. Learning the difference can help you make the right decision.

The dangers of a cheap chain-store oil change.

If you’re hoping to save money with a regular oil change and you get it at a chain-shop, you might be gravely disappointed. There are some major downsides to these shops and they can quickly turn that $20 special into a $100 plus dollar mess. Just some of the things customers have reported from well known “auto shops” include:

  • Falsely claiming an air filter replacement was necessary by showing a customer a different and much more worn filter.
  • Claiming to check fluids and identifying them as needing to be replaced without ever actually checking them at all.
  • Using the incorrect oil during a change because there was a surplus of the wrong kind of oil.

The business model of these shops is designed to push customers vehicles through as fast as possible. They are frequently cited for recommending work that isn’t necessary as well. That all adds up to poor workmanship, a higher overall cost, and a dishonest company.

A Small Business, A Better Oil Change

The first thing you need to know about Comfort Auto and Body Repair, is that we answer to the customer. We aren’t publicly traded, our managers don’t rush the work, and our goal is providing the best quality vehicle care for our customers, not hitting the numbers. That means our mechanics are encouraged to do their job to the best of their abilities. With our oil change, Portland drivers can expect careful work, an honest inspection, and a return to customer service oriented care.

Get the oil change your vehicle deserves.

When you bring your vehicle in for a Portland oil change, you’re in good hands. We only use the correct oil for your vehicle and carry conventional, synthetic, blend, and high-mileage oils. What you may not know is that synthetic isn’t always best. We’ll recommend the right oil for your vehicle and mileage based on your vehicle, not on cost.

While many places also advise an oil change every 3,000 miles, you may not actually have to get one that frequently. We recommend you follow the oil change procedures in your vehicle manual. Many manufacturers only advise oil changes at 5,000 mile intervals or greater. Using synthetic oil can further increase this number.

Just some of the extras we provide with every oil change include:

  • Our mechanics top off all of your fluids including brake fluid, transmission fluid, and window washer fluid.
  • Check all of your tires for wear and air pressure with pressure corrections as needed.
  • Visually inspect a range of commonly worn components so that you can identify problems early.

Contact us for an honest oil change in Portland today!

The time for a trustworthy oil change is now, and the right shop is just a phone call away. Call (503) 287-3022 or contact us today and experience the Comfort Auto difference.