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Three Reasons Your Car AC Stopped Working

Car Air ConditionerAre you in need of vehicle AC repair services? Our staff is ready to assist you. Take a look at some of the most common reasons why your AC may not be working correctly:

  • Low Refrigerant – Have you noticed that your AC is not blowing as cool as it once did? If so, you may have a low refrigerant charge. This is a fairly common issue that can be handled by most mechanics. When you notice that the air temperature has been slowly declining, let us know and we will help.
  • Fan Problems – There are a number of reasons why your fan will stop working. One of the most straightforward issues is a damaged wire, but it may also be a problem with the entire fan. This issue will require your mechanic to take apart your dashboard.
  • Broken Compressor – The AC compressor is the most important part of your car’s AC system. This part ensures that the air stays cold and pressurizes the system. When it fails, the rest of the system will be affected. Let your mechanic know if you hear any loud noises while the AC is running or if the temperature in your vehicle is higher than usual.

When you are looking for car air conditioning repair in Portland, Oregon, you can count on the specialists at Comfort Auto & Body Repair. We offer AC repair services all year long.