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What To Know Before Seeking Out A Collision Center

Painting a carWhen you have been involved in a car accident, there are several factors to put into perspective and consideration, one of such factors is the search for a competent Auto Body Repair shop or collision center. While the search for the best collision center is on, you need to know some things that will ultimately help you make the best decisions.
Below are some of the steps that will help you determine the quality of the shop and the service offered.

1. Does your insurance have DRP
Direct Repair Shop (DRP) may be suggested on your insurance and this means that your insurance policy provider knows and trusts the Auto Body Repair shop to perform top quality services. This also means that your insurance company is consistently monitoring the shop to ensure that they meet up with the set standards for quality services. When you work with a DRP, the process of repair is streamlined as you do not necessarily have to wait for an insurance adjuster to write you an estimate of the damages parts and order for you a new one.
However, it is important to note that you may choose to and not to visit a Direct Repair Shop based on your personal preferences. The main setback to making a choice against the DRP is that your insurance may not cover as much of the damage as it would.

2. Obtain an estimate
Obtaining an accurate estimate in the aftermath of an accident is recommended. When the technician can physically assess the vehicle, chances are high that they will be in a better position to offer a more accurate estimate compared to an estimate which is delivered via phone. Obtaining an accurate estimate will give you an idea of the extent of the damage, the repair costs, the parts needed to be replaced and more. There are several of Auto Body Repair shops that offer free estimated to their customers.

3. Is the shop certified
As part of the things to know when seeking out an auto body repair shop or collision center, you should inquire about their certification. Be sure that the technicians working at the collision repair shop or center are certified by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). This means that such technicians have undergone an appropriate level of training under the supervision of the manufacturers thus making their training specific to attending to the problems which may be exhibited by your vehicle.
Also, it is important to find out about how often the technicians update their knowledge via training. This is the most recommended for people who are making use of new vehicle models as you want to be sure that the technician is up to date with the changes which have been effected on your automobile from the manufacturer.

4. Warranty
Several Auto Body Repair shops understand that vehicle owner need a warranty on the services which they have offered and are proud and happy to offer warranties over a varying period. Some auto body shops offer a lifetime warranty on the services offered as long as the vehicle remains in custody and under the customer’s ownership, other shops may be restrictive and not so generous. The time frame of the warranty is also dependent on the type of service performed.

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