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What to look for in your Portland Car Mechanic

Mechanic doing auto serviceA car mechanic goes into the profession because they love to work on cars. They know that your car means more to you than your TV does. It’s not always just a mode of transportation, it can be an escape, it can be a refuge, it can be a comfort. At Comfort Auto and Body Repair we know what makes a car mechanic in Portland a true asset. Certain traits, skill sets, and experience are all necessities, and the way a mechanic handles themselves around a customer is just as important as how they handle themselves around a car. Look for these in your Portland car mechanic, and you won’t go wrong.

Traits of an Excellent Auto Mechanic

  • Disposition – Trust is a two way street. You want a mechanic who is affable, friendly, and wants to help you understand your car better. When a mechanic keeps a diagnosis close to the vest, only giving you partial information, it’s a sign they aren’t being upfront. Look for a mechanic who explains a problem in detail if you ask, and what steps need to be taken to properly fix it. You don’t need a step by step guide, but expect more than “This is broken, this is what it cost to fix it.” Good mechanics believe in maintaining a strong customer relationship. You come back when the work is good, and if they’re stand offish they may not care if you come back, and not perform at their best.
  • Experience – Find out how long the shop has been open, and get to know your mechanic. Age is not a factor when considering workmanship. Experience makes a mechanic wise and knowledgeable, but a young mechanic is just as likely to provide great repairs as an older one. Many auto shops have both, which helps to foster an environment of continual learning. If the shop has good reviews, it’s a good indication the mechanics are experienced and do good work.
  • Knowledge – A well rounded mechanic is important, and if they have had experience working on your vehicle type it can mean improved service. Many mechanics also have specialties and if a shop has several car mechanics in Portland on staff it can greatly benefit the customer.

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