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Why Does My Tire Pressure Change?

Tire Pressure CheckHave you noticed that your tire pressure light will come on at what seems like unusual times? Changes in tire pressure happen more often than you realize. There are a few good reasons why your tire pressure may fluctuate.

A change in the seasons usually causes tire pressure changes. As the temperatures change, the pressure in your tire will change along with it. If you notice that the temperature has been getting down to the 50s at night and up to the 80s during the day, then it is likely that you will see your tire pressure fluctuating. To take care of this problem, you can add a little air at the gas station before you get moving for the day.

If you add air to your tire and your light is still on, it may mean that there is a leak in your tire. You should take your vehicle to a specialist to take a look and see if there is a nail in your tire.

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